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Are you committed to loving well?

Love School is

a platform for developing our internal security,
heart's consciousness and emotional skillfulness so that we may experience genuine fulfillment in our relationships, both with ourselves and with others.


At Love School, there are two pathways. One you can take on your own, and one with heart-to-heart support.

Hi! I'm Halley,

Thank you for being here!


I created Love School because my life is a dedication to being Love's pupil.

I mean, what's more important than Love though, really? Especially because at times, it can be the hardest thing ever!


It can be so hard because its main purpose is to help us see ourselves more clearly than just about anything else can. The good, the bad and the ugly baby!   

When we can see ourselves, we can heal ourselves. 

This platform is here to help us gain more access to the love we already are by peeling back the layers of distortion so that we no longer need to seek, grasp or chase Love and instead are more effortlessly able to be, magnetize, and choose it. 

May we all liberate our Loving~

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7 Pillars of Liberated Love was written for those with anxious attachment tendencies who seek to engage in romantic relationships from a place of wholeness rather than self-abandonment.


It guides readers toward strengthening their self-relationship to foster secure and fulfilling intimate connections. This book is ideal for those committed to establishing love and partnership from a strong foundation of self-love.

Get the book
& gain access to...

  • 7 Mantras & Teachings

  • 7 Guided Audio Meditations

  • 7 Coloring Pages

  • Practices & Awareness Prompts for each of the 7 Pillars

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