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There's a significant moment on our relationship journeys that can change our entire trajectory.

It's when we recognize that the common denominator in our repetitive cycles of pain, is, well, us.

While this realization may sting at first, it's cause for celebration because it empowers us to do something about it.

When we can examine and take ownership of our experiences, we claim the power to change them.

7 Pillar of Liberated Love

is a guidebook and healing

curriculum for those who:

  • Have a history of anxious attachment and are no longer interested in self-abandoning for intimate relationship.

  • Are interested in developing a more attentive and trustworthy relationship with self to lay the groundwork for secure and satisfying intimate connections.

  • Are available for love and partnership, are dedicated to doing it from a solid foundation of self-love, AND could use support on the journey.

M. Mendelson

“This book advocates for a calm, patient, and trusting approach toward finding and growing relationships. Halley’s writing reads easy and will bring a smile to your face as you wrap your head around a framework for the only thing you can control in a relationship— yourself.”

A. Deloney

“These pillars will teach you how to reclaim your energy and power

while expanding your capacity to receive love from others. They

will truly liberate you.”

K. Sky

“This book’s easily digestible format and wise advice for forming healthy romantic relationships is an incredible contribution to this field. The author writes with kindness and humor, almost like she’s talking to a friend. I recommend this book to anyone seeking secure connections while on a path of self-love.”

7 Pillars of Liberated Love Includes:

7 Simple yet Powerful Pillars: Learn easy-to-integrate principles that will keep you connected to your north star of self-value and healthy connection.


Practical Pathways: Engage in actionable practices designed to foster internal security and resilience.


Mindful Reflection: Explore thought-provoking awareness prompts to navigate your healing journey with clarity and intention.

Guided Meditations: Immerse yourself in soothing meditative experiences with downloadable audio meditations, enhancing your journey of self-discovery and healing.


Creative Expression: Relax with interactive coloring pages, providing a therapeutic outlet for self-expression and integration.

7 Pillars Program

An 8-session journey that will equip you with the tools you need to navigate relationships while staying rooted in the seat of self-love.


Once you’ve taken the journey, there’s no going back.


There’s no going back to allowing yourself to settle for crumbs in relationships.


There’s no going back to wishy-washy "situationships" with people who aren’t ready to commit and invest their hearts.


There’s no going back to rushing into a relationship with someone who doesn’t have what it takes to love you well.


There’s no going back to giving your heart and power away, and letting someone else dictate your value and peace of mind.

After the 7-Pillars Program, you will have the keys you need to unlock much more ease and discernment on the love journey.

You will learn your personal recipe for internal security, whether you are nurturing a romantic connection or not.

You will have 7 strong anchors to return to when you find yourself slipping into unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior.

You will know yourself more intimately, and thus be able to share yourself more freely with those who have earned your trust.

You will be choosing partners from a place of wholeness rather than from need and deficiency.

The 7 Pillars Program includes:


*7 Pillars of Liberated Love Book

*8 (1 hour) 1:1 Sessions - one for each of the 7 Pillars, + a final integration session.

*Assignments to work with between sessions.

Schedule a call to see if this
program is right for you.

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