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Session Offerings

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Oracle Reading

A co-creative, intuitive journey to uncover clarity, direction, and support in any life arena, specifically love and purpose.


Oracle readings are helpful when you:

*feel stuck, lost or confused.

*are navigating heartbreak.

*are spiritually awakening.

*are processing a major transition.

*are ready to activate into a new phase.


Book your Oracle Reading here.

​Love Assessment

A Two-Session Experience

Become more aware of yourself as a lover, to increase the satisfaction and ease of your relationship experiences.


*Gain insight into how you uniquely love, what you're here to learn, and how you can navigate relationships with less resistance based on your Numerology and Human Design charts.


*Explore specific prompts that will guide you to deepen your understanding and ability to communicate your love style, dealbreakers, growth edges, patterns, and gifts.


Book your Love Assessment here.

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What am I Doing with
My Life?

A transformative session aimed at unveiling your authentic self-expression while providing clear direction for your journey.


By delving into your energetic makeup through Human Design and Numerology, you'll learn more about your essence, enabling you to make confident choices.


This session will support you in transitioning from confusion to trust, unlocking more clues to your life's purpose with newfound ease.



Book your Session here.

Have questions about any of the sessions?

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