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As we transition from wakefulness to sleep, our subconscious mind becomes more receptive to suggestions and impressions. The thoughts we focus on during this period can influence our subconscious processing, shaping our beliefs, attitudes, and outcomes over time.


Explore a collection of audio sessions strategically designed to complement your sleep routine, seamlessly working on the subconscious level as you drift into slumber.

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This series was designed to support you in re-building your self-worth after experiencing a blow.


This could be anything from a rejection, to a breakup, to not feeling valued and respected at work or in your close relationships. Any situation that leaves you feeling disconnected from your personal power and joyful heart.


The first audio will support you in remembering and recovering your innate value, dissolving old residue of unworthiness, while reconnecting you to gratitude so that you can open your heart to taking meaningful risks again.


 The second audio will reinforce your discernment and personal boundaries moving forward, so that when you do choose to take a risk, you don’t repeat patterns of self-abandonment and instead, build the strong habit of choosing what’s right for you.


Once you’ve recovered your worth, and reclaimed your healthy boundaries, the third audio will assist you in releasing control and strengthening your trust muscle in life’s great mystery. From here, you can open to experiencing the magic and joy of your aliveness, which can only be accessed through a relaxed orientation to life.

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You may find each of these audios equally helpful, in which case, you can cycle between all three in rotating order. Or, you may find yourself needing one more so than the others. Spend as many nights as you need on the one that holds the most importance to your process as you fully integrate the messages into your mind and heart.

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