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Is your mind driving you crazy?

Do you find yourself trapped
in obsessive thinking loops - a
bout someone or some situation? 

Are you ready for some relief?

The Intervention Plan for Obsessive Thinking is a methodical, step-by-step guide for managing obsessive tendencies. Once you have this bundle of tools to implement in your day-to-day, instead of your mind controlling you, you become the one who gets to free your mind.

For best results, book a 1:1 session with me to work through each step of the Intervention Plan.

Introductory offer - $99

I'd like to try it on my own before I sign up for session support.

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You've taken your first step to

freedom from obsessive thinking!


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You’re someone who craves intimacy.

You’ve been committed to your healing journey and the life that you're building is feeling pretty aligned.

The one missing piece is a deep and satisfying romantic relationship and you feel ready to call that in.


So you put yourself out there.


You start going on dates and getting to know people with the hopes of finding someone you can build and grow a relationship with.


On your path, you meet someone who captures your attention. They have qualities you’re looking for and the attraction is definitely there. You get excited. You can't stop thinking about them, and can’t wait to hear from them.


You find yourself daydreaming, fantasizing about the life you may have together, the things you’ll do, the places you’ll go, the kinds of conversations you’ll have, and the sexual connection that might light up your world.


Before you know it and before you know them, they are consuming

most of your thoughts.


You start to notice their connection desires don't match yours.


Which turns the excitement into an anxious obsession.


Something that felt so hopeful is now churning your gut with

self-doubt and insecurity.


Your sweet and intentional life is tainted by uneasiness.


You don’t feel like yourself.


You start feeling less sure of yourself in other areas of life.


The only relief you can fathom from the anxious obsession is the person showing up, ready and willing to connect again.


The next time they show up, you project onto them that they are now matching your desire for connection.

And even if it's a great time together, afterward there's another dropout in their interest in staying connected to you.


Your internal okayness starts to revolve around when this person is directing their attention toward you.


You wonder, how did my innocent, heartfelt quest for satisfying intimacy become such a distracted state of disharmony?

Believe it or not, our obsessive thinking is not the enemy; it’s actually a portal to great healing.

It’s signaling something vital to us. In order to interrupt this degrading process, we must have a method for decoding and transforming it.

When we work with our obsessive minds in a focused and supported way, we’re evolving our self-value which will upgrade the kinds of connections we attract and are attracted to.

In the Intervention Plan for Obsessive Thinking...

You will be guided through a series of accessible and easy-to-do steps that will empower you to calm your mind and regulate your nervous system. As a result, you'll be able to clearly see and tend to the layers of healing that are ready to be met in each situation you find yourself in.

This process is designed for you to customize and make your own. Once you’ve moved through the full process at least once, it can be reassembled to meet your needs. Use the whole process or just your favorite steps to shift your mindset from tension to presence.

This process will instill in you:

~Valuable tools for reclaiming your self-value and boundaries.

~Simple practices to activate relief at any point in your day.

~More introspective reflection and ability to choose.

~Right action regarding when to connect and when to let go.

~Magnetism to attract those with similar self-love and commitment. 

How to Work with the Intervention Plan

Do you know a lot of words Now is your hour of glory!.png

Sophia Vosberg, Tucson, AZ

"Speaking with Halley on the tough and intricate topic of obsessive thinking put my brain into a new perspective. Not only do I trust Halley with my life, I trust her with my deepest feelings. She helped me to get a better grasp on my racing mind. I now have different tools and a whole plan to help lovingly pull myself out of the anxiety loop of lies and mistreatment that I cause myself. Using breath-work and different thinking prompts, I feel a lot better and not as 'lost in the sauce' as I usually find myself."

Before & After

Racing mind                    Calm mind

Harsh internal dialogue                    Kind and caring inner voice

Stuck in shame                    Self-value recovery

Anxiously attached                    Loosening the grip

Waiting for someone to save you                    Saving yourself!


I’m obsessing about something that isn’t romance-related. Will this method still work for me?

Yes! This method can be applied to any and all situations that consume the mind.

I tried the process on my own, but it didn’t really help. What should I do now?

The process is designed to be worked with on a continual basis, and the results will become more and more evident with repeat use. I strongly advise booking the one-on-one session to walk you through the process as a way to reap the highest benefit.

Why does the 1:1 session reap the highest benefit?

This process is all about holding high-quality space for yourself. When you get to first fully receive that high-quality space being held for you, you will gain a sense of what it feels like and can more effortlessly give it to yourself. The more care and attention you give to yourself in this process, the faster and more thorough the relief will be. The great thing is that it only takes one session to work the process through, and then you are good to go to work with it on your own. You can always book follow-up sessions if you find yourself needing more support.

Become fully equipped with tools you need to free yourself from obsessive thinking.

*Be guided through the full process. Receive support so you can relax and focus on each step.

*Be witnessed as you put your new steps to peace of mind into action.

*Find the tools that work best for you to stop obsessive thinking in its tracks.

I'd like to try it on my own before I sign up for session support.

sign up to receive your free step-by-step guide.

You've taken your first step to

freedom from obsessive thinking!


If you don't see it, check your spam folder.

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